27-28 October 2016

NRP 70 and NRP 71 topical workshops

At topical workshops organized on 27 and 28 October in Neuchâtel by the NRP 70 and NRP 71 Programme Management, about 100 researchers of NRP 70 and NRP 71 have shared and discussed their initial research findings concerning the transformation of the energy system. Several members of the ACTIVE INTERFACES interdisciplinary research project were present on this occasion, including Prof. Christophe Ballif, Prof. Emmanuel Rey, Dr. Sophie Lufkin, Prof. Stephen Wittkopf et Prof. Jean-Philippe Bacher.
The topical workshops focused on the subjects Building & Settlement, Mobility, Acceptance, Supply & Market, Technology & Innovation, and Sustainability. The workshops served to promote the exchange of ideas and initial evaluation of the results concerning the transformation of the energy system.
The majority of the projects of the two NRPs will be completed from the end of 2017 to the end of 2018. After that, the process of synthesis will run for a period of about one year. The topical workshops have laid the first important milestone with a view to working out the final products at the programme level. Firstly, an overview of the subjects was created covering the six thematic areas, and the relevant messages that are to be conveyed were identified. Secondly, the participants examined the question of where potential synergies between the projects are to be found, and how they can be effectively used to achieve the overall goals of the two NRPs.

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