City of Neuchâtel


Since 1990, reducing energy consumption is a top priority for the City of Neuchâtel. To implement an active policy on energy-saving, the City's energy officer collaborates transversally with the various concerned departments : public works, industrial services, environment, urban planning, buildings, etc. As a result, Neuchâtel was the first francophone city in Switzerland to receive the "Cité de l’énergie" Award in 1995. In 2006, it received another important label, the European Energy Award Gold, which certifies its excellence, continued commitment and success in the implementation of energy saving programmes and development of renewable energies.

The City of Neuchâtel supports the Active Interfaces project by the participation of their energy officer in the Advisory board of the research project. The main purpose is to feed the project's development process with the perspective of a public stakeholder working directly in the field of energy efficiency. In addition, technical information will be made available to the Active Interfaces partners and access to relevant data will be facilitated.